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Dec. 1 Meeting


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Vince, 1st it is a business meeting. If any one has any requests for changes to the constitution it will need to be present at this meeting or they will have to wait until next dec to get their changes in. I also believe Florin is tying a couple of the patterns that AK did on the Sunday Tie along. Also I think he will be Dennisizing at least one of the patterns.


Also just so all know we will have Phil Rowley next wed Dec 8th and then on Dec 15 it will be our Christmas winde up & Pizza night, then were done until the 1st wed in Jan.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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Thanks for the info. I don't think I've heard any club member mention anything about changes to the constitution and as its been club practice to discuss any proposed changes well in advance of the December meeting I doubt any changes will come forward so I'm going to look forward to seeing Florin tye a fly or two.


Also looking forward to seeing Phil and really looking forward to our pizza night (Terry has given me permission to eat his share of pizza) and lets not forget to get a couple of pizza's with anchovies.



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December 1st Meeting Topic

Variations on AK Best Patterns

Presenter: Florin Sabac

Pattern: Winged Beetle

Hook: Wet fly #6 to #16

Thread: Black 8/0

Tail: Various materials

Body: Black foam

Legs: Black hackle

Comment: Florin will demonstrate this interesting pattern with a couple of variations for the wings that AK showed us.

Pattern: AK’s Midge

Hook: Wet fly #12 to #18

Thread: 8/0 Color to suit

Body: Thread or Peacock Herl

Wing: Ziplock freezer bag

Hackle: Saddle, color to suit

Comment This is a very simple and effective looking pattern.



The December newsletter is done!!!! :clap:

Should be posted to the main web page soon.


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