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Red Deer Fishing Report


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Went out today below the dam. Only one other guy with a fly rod and he left when I got there (12:30 to 1:00pm). Two spin fishermen on the other side. The catching was OK, not like in the good old days, but way better than my previous trips after the flood. :catch: The bigger fish are there as well. :fishy: The fearless pike that looks at you and does not move is back in business as well. Everyone has their Red Deer favourite, mine is a Brassie.

If you have been recently or are going soon (you know who you are), let's compare notes. It looks like the water is coming back from the dead. Maybe we could do "club trips" again like we used to waay back when.


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Fished the Red Deer with Ross Chow yesterday. What a gorgeous day for early November.

We each landed somewhere between a dozen and 15, most in the 16" to 18" size range.

Ross continually marveled at rockies so big they actually had snouts,

There were a few smaller ones around, so it looks like stocks are recovering.

Weibe worms, brassies, PTNs, and a few odd patterns worked.

The bite quit between 2:30 and 3pm and the air temperature dropped about the same time.

Maybe something to do with sun angle?

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