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Tu Meeting Nights


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One idea I passed to Rick this morning is panel discussions using members (and guests where appropriate)

We could have a pro and con speaker and moderator


1. Catch and release - is there a limit?


2. Do barbless hooks really work?

3. How do you deal with poachers.


4. Are low lake water levels natural or manmade?


Just some ideas


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Dave's ideas are all good. We should go through them one by one. Here are some more:

1) Pick-up the empties and garbage outing every now and then at selected waters we like to fish and are not as clean as they should be; all this within an hour or less of Edmonton, no long drives and maybe we get to identify something that really is a "home water" for us.

2) For larger conservation efforts, is there a way to team up with other conservation-oriented groups?

3) Is there something we could try to do with schools? Identify fishing/interested teachers and find a way to sneak in some fly-tying/casting/conservation with the younger crowd.

4) Is there some monitoring/data gathering that club members can do that would help with research related to water bodies that would in turn help with conservation efforts? Most of us keep an open eye and notice things, but most of this knowledge does not seem to get used to its full potential. I may be wrong but we could at least discuss the issue and bring in an expert or two to help figure this out.


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