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Another Kick At The Cat On The Freeman


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This one is short and sweet caught lots of fish 50+. 98% on the Llama leech again. Actually ran out of Llama leechs near the end so I ended up using one with the paint chipped off the bead. It worked enough to keep the interest up. Needless to say I came home and tied up 8 or 9 more and hope to have a few more before I go fishing again. The fish were talking the leech both dead drift but mostly cast out and striped in with a moderate to semi fast retrieve. Caught several nice Rockies also.

There was some surface activity but not much. Covered some newer water. Caught lots in the 11inch range caught one going into the 13in. range. Took the GPS with and cut out several unproductive bends. I got to fish a bit more water do to this. I left the water at about 5:pm


Got there about noon and the temp. was still only 0 there was a thin layer of ice on some of the slower water and it never did go away. Water was dang cold. It was a good time but by the end the old body was chilled. Stopped in at Swan Hills for a bite and then headed home.


Another success story. Actually got a picture which I will post either tonight or tomorrow.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing::fish_jump:

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Neil for sure just don't blink or You've past it. I find the Hotel has not bad food. Stopped there the last couple times up that way. There's another place just across the way called Sammy's (which I insure.) which I will try sometime, it's a steak house so not open in the morning when one goes through.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis :fishing::fish_jump:

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