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September 22 Meeting

dave robinson

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Some Alberta Flies

Presenter: Rob Clarke

Pattern: CDC Emerger

Hook: Wet Fly #12 to #18

Thread: To suit pattern

Body: Goose biot to suit pattern

Post: White Antron

Wing: Cull De Canard (CDC) feather

Pattern: RS Quad

Hook: Dry fly #12 to #18

Thread: To suit pattern colors

Tail: Antron or Z-lon fibres

Body: Goose biot – color to suit

Wing: White turkey flats – tied post style

Thorax: Dubbing to suit pattern colors

Hackle: Saddle hackle to suit pattern colors

Comment: Rob will tie up a couple of patterns that were originated by Alberta fly tyers. The first was developed by Bob Cormier, the second by Roman Scharabun. Both have proved to be very effective patterns. I’m guessing at materials here as I don’t have details at time of publication.

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Boys and Girls


Rob did not attend last night so our Barry Wright stepped up and did a demo on the RS Quad. For those of you who have not used any of the flies in the RS Quad series you missed a good demo. I've tyed used and continue to use this fly and if you don't have any you should tye some up as its a killer pattern.


Good job Barry



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