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Protection Of The Lakeshore Within The Town Of Wabamun

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The town council of Wabamun is requesting approval from the Alberta government to develop the lands south of the CN railway track in the town of Wabamun. This area is an important wetlands for Wabamun lake. It serves as an important bird nesting area and a major fish spawning area.


The vegetation in this area also serves to maintain the lake's water quality. In addition, the area is not suitable for development as there is no strong foundation to build on. The marshy area would require excessive gravel fill to create a suitable building area. This alteration to the lake's natural shoreline would further disrupt the lake.


Plans for the development can be seen here. http://www.wabamun.ca/life/documents/Web_Package.pdf


To sign the petition against this development, go to this link.





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For a community whose value is derived from the quality of their Lake it is shameful that the community would wish to destroy precious habitat at all. After repeatedly blaming Epcor / Transalta / CN for their woes, they are choosing to continue the destruction of riparian and wetland areas for the 'good' of their village and to the detriment of the fish and wildlife dependent on the Lake.

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One has to remember that municipal politics are all about developers and development. In Alberta you cannot relay on environmental assessments and petitions to do the trick. The only way to rein in the avarice of developers for land and elected officials for municipal taxes is to make the proposed development an election issue. This year is a municipal election year, so voters have an opportunity to bring serious pressure on their municipal government. Concerned Wabamun residents and property owners need to demand that candidates publicly state their position on the proposed development and make it crystal clear that any who intend to vote in favour of it will face defeat at the ballot box. And make sure everybody you know in the community delivers the same message. One thing politicians are very good at is counting votes.

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Done. Like my short comment too?




Congratulations. You have successfully signed the petition:

Protection of the lakeshore within the town of Wabamun.


You are signer #182


PS - If you'd like I could add this to the main NLFT blog page, if it's TUC's wishes to do so?


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