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Is There Anyone Out There?


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I do think people are out there but no one is posting. Not sure if people have not gone out fishing which, based on the crappy weather we've had, could be the case or they just want to read posts and not do any posting themselves. Nothing wrong with not posting but it sure makes for a lack luster board. There are boards out there where if you don't check it on a daily basis the topics move to the next page but sad to say ours is not one of them.


Based on the number of ? marks you placed on our board's various topic headings no one is interested in posting...the question is why not.


Even our main page has had no new news since June 4 th...my goodness, there has to be something that happened in July or August that could have been said.


Dan, our board, for whatever reason, is not used to the extent that it should and I guess it is what it is.



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I'm gonna head out to Dan's place and surgically extract the question mark from his keyboard.


The secret to an active and engaging forum is to be active and engaging. Nothing new? Write something. If there is never a new post - people won't stick around. No amount of 'design', features, or pictures will fix that.



That said - it is summer. Typically a slow time for us, but this should be the hottest time for the forum! Pictures of your new gear, outings, big fish - what are you all waiting for?




As for me - I'm on a boat. >> http://lance-taylor.net/fiftynorth.ca/?p=301

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Dan, Greg here, aside trom a trip to Pigeon last week I just haven't been out, therefore I don't feel like I have anything to say, although I am presently tying sz 20 evil weevil ice nymphs. As for Pigeon, I did get some casting in (chucking hardware, although I did take a couple of fly rods, I didn't get around to using them). :fish_jump:

jfisherman (Greg)

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Well Its good to hear from some of you. For a club that has, So many members,you would think that some would have some time so say HELLO!!!!

I don,t post enough either , so I am guilty as charged. But, if other forums can have so many posts, we have NO excusses. It seems that we all have our secret spots and don't want anyone there to catch our fish.

I have been out a few times this year, not many, I was out of the country for a month so that cut into my fishen . I have been on call , so that keeps me at or very near home.

The fishing hasn't been great , but at least I have gotten out. So I'm sorry if I offended all the northern alberta fisherpeople, but OH WELL. I will post more in the future, I appreciate the club and the site.

So come on people go fishen and tell me about your favourite spots so I can go and catch some fish, PLEASE





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