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Happy Birthday Scratch!


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Happy BD you slightly older f@rt!

Hope you have a good one.

If your'e not to tied up with kid and better half this evening and make the NLFT meetigng, I''ll buy you a single malt.

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I bought my buddy some delicious wings for his Birthday last Wednesday, why not at the meeting.


If anyone HERE wants to join us cool kids over on Empire Avenue where we both now play, send me an e-mail or direct message on the forum. I have a few special invites to offer to the BETA before it goes LIVE sometime this summer.




Empire Avenue makes Facebook look like Playschool. #justsayin




Buy... (e) LAT.

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Thanks everyone!


Boy - I don't lurk for a few days and I miss all the action!


Been a busy boy - number 2 is coming in the next couple weeks so we've been busy getting ready for a baby in the house. You forget how much work that is...


Cheers all!



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