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Facebook Privacy Issues


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So, you’re still not concerned about your privacy on Facebook. RLY? RLY? Well click on this link below then to see what your friends and others are up to without having a Facbook account.




P.S. - GScratch and myself both deleted our own accounts this week, so that's gotta tell you something eh?


More on my Blog here.



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I'm still surviving quite nicely without ever having had a Facebook account, and I've never felt the need to "twitter." That probably makes me abnormal by today's standards, but guess what, I have more time to do important stuff, like fishing. Terry

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...you're not alone Terry...I don't even know what twitter is...sounds like a bugs bunny character to me...I mean, just a couple of years ago, I discarded my old 8 track cassette player I had in my first vehicle...

...I agree...a better way to spend time is by fishing, not surfing on facebook...


...yes I'm guilty too...I do have a facebook account, but the main reason is because most of the tyers of realistic patterns are on facebook and they share a lot of information on their pages...may have to re-think facebook...

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Yep - my Facebook account has gone the way of the dodo as well... thanks for tweeting the link Greg! ;)


"users don't use Facebook, Facebook uses users"

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DRINK THE KOOL AID FOLKS! NUKE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT! Have you seen MyOpenBook.Org yet? #justsayin






The Next Best Thing folks.. is gonna be EMPIRE AVENUE! Check it out below, interview with the CEO.




I wanna see stock ticker TUBER listed there. Perhaps 'TUC' should also be there. Yes, business and non-profit websites are also urged to join.


If anyone HERE wants to join us cool kids over on Empire Avenue where we both now play, send me an e-mail or direct message on the forum. I have a few special invites to offer to the BETA before it goes LIVE sometime this summer.




Empire Avenue makes Facebook look like Playschool. #justsayin




Buy... (e) LAT.

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