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A note from our friend Phil R


Hi guys, as per our meeting last week here is the link to the News item on the TUC website regarding the Grandfondo event and the voting for TUC and the Nile Creek project through RBC’s Blue Water Project.


Visit the following site to cast your vote www.tucanada.org/TUC_newsitem.php?item=000104


If you can let your members know to vote that would be great. They can vote once a day for the duration of the contest, until September I believe.


May 4th, 2010

Hi just a polite reminder to keep voting on a daily basis for the RBC Grandfondo funding. We are currently sitting in second place as I type with 24%, 1% behind the Pacific Salmon Foundation. The Georgia Straight Alliance has 20% vote and is closing.

You are allowed on vote per IP address per day. There was, as you probably know, a bit of a hiccup during the first days of the vote but that has since been rectified by the RBC.

Also if you visit the TUC home page you will notice the RBC Blue Water Project logo at the top. You simply click the logo and text to be taken to the Newsroom item where you can vote, quick and easy. A link has also been placed to our Nile Creek Qualicum Bay informational PDF so any visitors can see what the project its all about.

So don’t forget to vote, get your friends and family involved too!


Phil Rowley

Marketing and Communications

Trout Unlimited Canada

O: 780-464-5499

F: 877-656-0320


"Conserving Canada's Coldwater Resources"

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