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Alberta Ff@ (etc) Conclave

Jim Fox

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Further to my post earlier, we have selected a site for the FF@ Alberta Conclave location. We will be staying at the Blacstone Recreation Area. There is a random camping site (free) as well as an official campground just adjacent ($21/night) that has wood available and outhouses. The site is located just up the Forestry Trunk Road from Nordegg, AB. The site is on the Blackstone River and there are several tributaries worth fishing close by. Should be a great spot to move out from.


My current plan is to drive up on Wednesday July 14 and leave on July 18. This is going to be a fairly low-effort conclave, with no raffles, organized tying demonstrations, or guest speakers. Just fishing, good food and great company. If you'd like more details, drop me a message off list.


As we get closer to the date, I will send out a list of attendees and detailed travel details. I am sure it will be a great gathering.


Jim Fox

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Hey Jim,


When you get a chance, perhaps supply a map to the area. I'm hoping that this date works for me.


Thanks, Hank

Hank, it would be good to see you there.


The spot relatively easy to get to. Drive south from Edmonton to Hwy 11 and proceed west to Nordegg. Go west a couple kilometers to the Forestry Trunk Road. Go north a ways (10-15 minutes) to a fork in the road with a sign Blackstone Recreation Area. Take the left fork and follow the road to the Blackstone River. Cross the river and go to the top of the hill. The random camping spot is straight ahead and to the right. The campground road is to the left, and you go down the hill to it.


Here's a map with a pointer: http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=d&source=...mp;t=h&z=11


The problem with this map is that it is hard to tell the roads from the cut lines. I will try to find something better and post it.



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That access last year was closed. You had to go farther north. Watch for the sign that says


????Outfitters. I will try and get better directions. If you hit Brown Creek you've gone too far north.

Thanks for the update! I'm going up relatively early and will take a sign with me. When I finally find where we are supposed to be, I'll put up some markers.

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If the signage is correct from last yr. The regulalr Chungo Creek outfitter road should have been reopen by now. Now saying that there is a new road farther north much closer to Brown Creek. As Brian says if you have gotten to Brown Creek you passed it. I believe the new road is posted showing that it also goes to the Black Stone.


Jim I will be up in the area from 07/16 to the 24th camping at Brown Creek. That one of my families favorite spots. I will have Myself & Brenda and then one of my Daughters & husband and Grandson will be coming out also. Grandsons a little young yet just turned one. I will try and meet you for a fish on the Blackstone for a day.


We'll talk again soon.


Dennis S

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