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Stauffer Creek

Don Andersen

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I can't believe how many of you attended worship on Stauffer Creek.

Good Friday there were vehicles everywhere. What happened to the people? Only saw one guy and he and I shared a pool that produced well. Between us we landed 14. Three of them brookies.

Saturday it was a repeat of the crowd. Again, there wasn't a lot of folks seen. Three of us shared the same pool above and landed 24.

Sunday- I was alone but it didn't help. Fished the "productive" pool and missed one and landed one. And that was it. One fish - a tiddler @ that.

The lesson - you can't expect lighting to strike the same place 3 days in a row or somebody was a tad disappointed that I didn't go to church.

Licked my wounds on the Clearwater today - 19 to hand. A couple @ 12>14", the bulk @ 17>19" with one male about 24".

And with that, I'm going to get serious about some lake rainbows in BC Thursday providing I get the truck repaired.





catch ya'




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It was nice running into you on Sunday, Don. I showed up at BFW in the little black car, just before you left. I had my best day ever on Stauffer. I came up shy of a dozen, with one at 11 and a half inches, and the rest between 7 and 9, all browns, all on a #16 PTN.

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Don, I don't think The Big Guy has much to do with it, or I'd never have a good day. I haven't been inside a church in a dog's age. Did you try singing a fish song?


Vince, your nymphing expertise is impressive. PTN=Pheasant Tail Nymph.

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