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Stauffer Creek


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Well did my first trip of the yr. Not sure way I Picked the Stauffer. Not the best place to go on your first trip. Very rusty on the cast and presentation. Fed the trees & brush liberly with hooks and tippet material. Saw on Brown that was 20+ inches. Thats the closes I got to a fish. It was great to get out. There is still lots of snow and a bit of slugging through the willows. Lots of open water. Beavers are trying hard to fill the stream full of brush which will make some area's interesting to fish.

Forgot the camera so didn't get any pictures.


Got my yearly dose of humility out of the way early this yr.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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Rick I parked the next bridge up from the BFW I did ck out the bridge at BFW and it looked like it was mostly open up stream and somewhat down.

Next time out I have to do something a bit differently. The only problem then it puts you at the wrong side of the stream starting out. I guess that's the hazzards if you want to catch a fish.


It was getting out that was nice. A fish would of made the day better.

Nothing like a good dose of the Stauffer. Make you realize what your not missing.


See you at the Club wed night.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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