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Wednesday March 3rd Meeting

dave robinson

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Rick’s Entomology Primer

Presenter: Rick LeBlanc

Comment: Rick has been taking seine samples of local waters for the past six years, and has learned a few things that are particular to our area. He applies this knowledge towards a commonsense approach to fly fishing. Save yourself the trouble of taking hundreds of samples, and benefit from Rick's interest in entomology.

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Thanks Dennis. I guess I was a little nervous, since it was my first presentation to the club. I missed a few things, like Maple Bugs. I hope I can do it again sometime, and improve upon it.


Anyway, I appreciate the opportunity, everyone. Thanks, it was fun.

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Rick the first time is the worst. It gets somewhat easier each time. I get pretty nervious when I get up front too. You just need to bit the the bullet and do it. The Guys are pretty good and forgiving. Its all in good fun.


Tigth Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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good job on the presentation! :thumbup:


I think that I just have to apply some of how I like my coffee to my fly selections ;^)


Black and happy! :fish_jump:

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