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Newbie Has Questions?


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I am hoping that someone could let me know a couple of things.


I would like to come out to the meeting this Wed. and I am wondering what is on the agenda?


What materials do I need to bring out?


How much is the membership?


And if there is anything else that I might need to know before showing up Wed.




Thank you,




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Hi Patrick. Welcome to the board! This Wednesday has two things on the agenda. First will be our monthly club business meeting, followed by a presentation by yours truly on bugs in the local area. This is not a tying night, so no need for materials. Club membership is $40. Hope to see you there!



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Rick beat me to it.

Wednesday is a very short business meeting followed by Rick's Entomolgy lesson


I was away for on vacation and am only now getting the March Newsletter put to bed. I should have copies ready for the meeting.

By all means come on out on Wednesday and get acquainted with this scurvy lot



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Patrick, also welcome to the board.


Don't let the words business meeting throw you off as it's basically just a monthly update on what is happening, and brief reports from executive heads.

this portion is usually somewhat short.


Great to have you out. Its not a tying evening but if you like you can bring your tying stuff with you and tie what you want. I usually bring my stuff and tie something while keep an ear happening . Not sure what I'm tying wed night. Likely either Clousers or a fox squirrel nymph.


Talk to at the meeting


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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