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Just thought I would say Hello!

Darin Benoit

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Hi gang just thought I would say hello from Yellowknife to everyone. It has been an abnormally cool spring this year so therefore the ice has just come off the small lakes but the big lake(Great Slave Lake) it will be another two to three weeks before it melts. The grayling are running now so the small stream fishing is good. The pike fishing on the small lakes is exceptionally good leeches are the fly to use and on any given lake it is quite common to catch a 40 inch pike on a leech. I haven't been out lake trout fishing yet but the news is there bitting in the shallows. I will fill you in on how my new adventure goes so by foe now.



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Hey Darrin

Good to hear from you. So, have you adjusted to the north? Make sure you keep us informed on your fishing :fishing: excursions, especially the patterns used. One never knows where they will end up. If you find any new fly patterns in Yellowknife, be sure to forward the recipe to us.

What are the normal sizes of the grayling? What river are they running in? Questions, questions,and more questions.

So, how do you like the new web site? We all think its totally awesome.

So stay in touch and bye for now.


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