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Jan 27th Meeting


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Indeed - a great welcome to Carl - thank you!


He sets a great tone for this year folks. Everyone has something to offer! Don't wait for toastmasters, present something you've worked with and give a little back to your club!

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Bootlace Stone Fly Material List:


1 1/2" bootlace-woven outer shell over nylon core is best

Crystal Flash Pearl 2 or 3 strands

#8 hopper hook

Elk hair

Rubber legs

2mm closed cell foam dark brown/black for the bullet head and a bright colour for an indicator

Brown Thread 6/0



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Barry Whites Burlap Golden Stone Nymph Materials List:


#8 limmerick hook

Burlap dyed yellow (body and wing case & red (tag)

6 " of .30" lead wire wrapped double over thorax

Yellow Thread 6/0

Yellow Goose biots

Brown or speckled wet hackle




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Woven Stonefly Nymph Materials List:


#8 curved nymph hook

Embordery thread- darker colour for top lighter for bottom-3 strands on each side woven "overrhand knot" on hook

3 - 1" strips of .30 lead wire tied on both sides of shaft and on top for the keel wieght

Brown goose biots-tail and feelers (sorry forgot the fancy name already)

Biots & wire legs-brown goose biots glued to end of fine wire then dipped in flex cement

Brown raffia for wing case-used wing burner to shape the wing cases in the demo, picture was taken before I got the wing burners

Brown or black thread 6/0



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I very much enjoyed your 3 fly tye last night...good job on the presentation and not one heckle...go figure.



It's tough enough to get new patterns never mind new people to tie. Speaking of which , VINNY when are you gonna show us your go to Pattern? :whootwhoo::fish_jump:


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It's tough enough to get new patterns never mind new people to tie. :fish_jump:


Sharing new techniques and even old school methods (like deer hair spinning) are always great too. I recently got a DVD from a friend Don Ordes for Christmas that I am reviewing for his website. The DVD has been 8 years in the making and he is currently working on a 2nd follow-up DVD here in the next 6 months.


Perhaps once I have mastered the technique myself I may show it off to you all... when you are ready for it. Mind blowing it is. :)


This technique does not use split thread, loops, wire, nor does it involve a dubbing spinner, and you can dub hackle and fur at the same time. Try and wrap your head around that one now.


"Rope Dubbing With Don Ordes"




More Info on VFB:




PS - I highly encourage the club to get this one for the library... or schedule a popcorn movie night (Pauline got your ears on).. and I'll bring mine out to share with the club on the projector.

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