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January 27th Meeting

dave robinson

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The following are pattern recipes for the flies Carl Johnson will be tying


Bootlace StoneFly Adult


3" bootlace-woven outershell over nylon core is best

Crystal Flash Pearl 2 or 2 strands

#8 hopper hook

Brown synthetic dubbing

Deer hair

Rubber legs

2mm closed cell foam

Brown hackle

Brown Thread 6/0


Burlap Stone Nymph


#8 limmerick hook

Burlap dyed yellow & red

.30" lead wire

Yellow Thread 6/0

Yellow Goose biots

Brown or speckled wet hackle


Woven Stone Nymph


#8 curved nymph hook

Embordery thread- darker colour for top lighter for bottom

.30" lead wire

Brown goose biots

Rubber legs or biots/wire legs

Brown raffia for wing case

White ostrich herl-optional

Brown or black thread 6/0


Burlap Golden Stone is Barry White's pattern


Bootlace Stone Fly Dry is Carolyn Sells (Anglers Art) pattern


Woven Stone Fly is my variation of Oliver Edwards pattern. The picture is a golden colour I would probably do a darker colour just to be a little more varied

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