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I'm working on some structure changes to the site that will permit some additional players.


I will be making significant look and feel changes in addition to the structure. Those changes (like it or not) will be a product of the technology changes taking place. While I appreciate the desires of the population at large, I won't be proceeding with design by committee - as the result is 3x the work and 5x the headaches, and what is important is that the site be easy to use, easy to update, and allow people to find us!


The changes upcoming are targeted at the following metrics:


1. Ease of maintenance by a group of NON technical support resources.

2. Ease of management by a single core group (me.)

3. Ability to enhance search results of content by major search facilities (google/yahoo)

4. Simplicity

5. Look and feel (typeset, colour choices, pictures etc.)


As the migration of existing content gets to a 'public' state - I'll work with the folks planning on being contributors with regard to 'how' to publish with the system.


Hopefully we'll get an implementation that supports several content creators, primary editors, and a publishing schema that will keep content flowing, rather than falling on the shoulders of the one or two.



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