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Fly Fishing Show Calgary


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3 years ago Anita who never Fly Fished or Fly Tied, Tied her first Fly with the assistance of Pauline at the NFLT Beginner Tying Booth. She was HOOKED. She has started a LADIES FLY FISHING CLUB called

The Reel HOOKERS and has about 75 members.

This is a photo of their booth at the Fly Fishing Show.

NLFT-TU Edmonton you should be proud.


PS: According to her husband, WE COST HIM A LOT OF MONEY

You never know how we affect the Fly Fishing Community with our Beginner or Kids Tying at these shows. This is one incredible example.

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Yes, our group has an influence on those who come and sit with us. A couple more examples that we have influenced that I am aware of. A family came through and we had shown the boy and girl to tie. The boy fished, and was happy to learn to tie. The girl, who wasn't into fishing, was very interested in the tying aspect. Her parents were quite interested in what else can be done, and I had directed them to the fly's that were framed, at our booth, as well as at Jacque's and also I had shown them Tak's fly which they were very impressed that it could be taken to that level, which they said was very interesting to their daughter. The other family, which I am still chuckling at, Frank and I had the brother and sister tying. The father tied, a little, but hadn't in a while. As we sat there, the father explained to the mother the materials, as I popped my 2 cents in here and there. They walked away quite happy, the children quite enthusiastic. So enthusiastic that they marched right over to Trout Waters, and purchased a complete kit, and materials for fly tying. Trout Waters thanked us for sending them over. Lo and behold, this morning when we stopped at Fish Tales, as we were at the til, all 4 walked in, saw us, laughed and the father told them to turn around and leave. Laughing, we asked how they were doing, and he shook his head, and all he could say was, "You have created some monsters!". They had left the show, and they all sat and tied flies for 4 hours last night. He said the only regret was that his wife wished she had tied a fly. We had a laugh, and he had more questions on materials and what certain things were used, which was good because we went over to the tied flies, and was showing him. As we left them with Chris to set them up with even MORE materials, we were all smiling. Yes, a great week-end, and a few more young tyers taking up the craft (we hope). There certainly is an interest, and after a lot of these young ones, as well as the older ones come through, they realized it isn't as intimidating as it seems, and do show an interest.

When you have the opportunity to get others interested, it is always fun to watch them continue. Many are quite surprised when you recognize them year to year, (especially the 3 polite young boys) who have been there every year since Frank and I have been going down, their first stop of the show, and always tied one for their sister. This year, they were also taking in the casting - lots of fun.

Sorry, had to share to show that yes NLFT do make a difference out there !!!!

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