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The logo comes up good on all the pages linked from the main page except those that are linked to the forum: the forum iteslf, online calendar and event calendar. On those, it looks llike the position of the logo has truncated the fish end of the logo. Should be an easy fix eh Scratch?

One other minor correction is the Muir lake countdown clock. But then who's anxious for that to start ticking except perhaps readers of the latest issue of Candian Fly Fisher.


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The new banner looks great.

Here at the Calgary show, should be a fun time, wish there was more guys and gals ,but I understand the issues. I am lucky, I have a place to stay and the missuss is busy shoppin.


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Actually - it's a substantial and time consuming fix, which is why only the text potion and NLFT portion have been reflected in the forum at this point.


The choice at this point is:

No image components, and text only

One or the other image, and text

REAALYY small both.


Frankly, given the general nature of the club, I assumed the amount of ...comments... would be higher if I omitted the NLFT component in favour of the TU portion. :evilgrin:


Once the 'team' for website management and content has met, we'll continue. It doesn't make sense to do the legwork of changes now, when things are bound to change in the coming weeks.



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Looks great Scratch. I for one who happens to be one of the computer illiterate :pckill: have NO idea of the amount of work that is involved in maintaining our website. One thing that I do know is that Darren, Lance and you deserve a huge Thank You for your expertise, time and effort to maintain our website. Kudos to all of you.


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