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This was a topic some time ago and the end result is some people want their actual name posted and some do not. For me, I like to know who I'm chatting with and I think they would like to know who they are chatting with and therefore my name is posted. I, for one, do not PM anyone I do not know. All you can do is ask and go from there.



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Does this mean your record went Platinum? :rolleyes:

I thought we didn't do 45's, 8 tracks, cassettes any longer and that todays standard is either CD's or I Pods. :rolleyes:

I personally prefer to use my name, as I can be in some contraversial topics and some people may say that I may be opinionated. At least if you have an issue with some comment that I make, you are able to deal with me directly.

I just have issues with individuals who get into contraversial topics while hiding behind anonymous names and will only offer an opinion while on line.

By the way Canada Grey used to be 6'2'' and 175 lbs. with long curly locks and a 6 pack body. Drove a Lamborgini, wintered in either Chile or New Zealand. Then I put my name onto the board and then had to eat crow for the Canada Grey description.

Now I have speak either the truth or my personal opinion and be prepared to defend that opinion.


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What would be really good is if we had a page with club member photographs, names and bios. I think it would add to the club's feeling of being friendly and the bio would help to offset some of the scary mug shots. I notice we don't wear name tags anymore.



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Thanks for the suggestions.

Yes, we've gotten a bit lax on the nametag thing. Time to remind attendees.


We have struck a web page committee, so your request will go into the hopper regarding content.


One thing we have to be wary about is FOIP issues. We have to be careful that personal privacy is respected.

Of course we are also concerned about identiy theft or inappropritae use of such information.

What we have done so far is use the Board default profile setup and left it it up to individuals as to what is provided.

That gives them control over their privacy, and may be why some forum members don't supply names or other info.


We could add a field covering NLFTTUC membership, but that would need to be updated annually.

What we have done instead is use the previous application form that asks if a member is willing for certain information to be to distributed to members only. (you can currently pick up a phone list at the club).

The change to a TUC membership form dropped that, so we may need a supplemental form.


I wonder if an alternative might be a rogues gallery at the club with photos and that kind of information.

We could take the photo at the time of membership purchase and keep it and the other info in a binder in the library.



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