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Welcome Treecatcher: NLFT+TU is also more than tying flies. Learn about fly fishing techniques, gear and all aspects of Fly Fishing. Now being a Trout Unlimited Chapter, conservation completes the cycle.

One of the biggest sins you can have in the club is NOT asking if you don't know something. We take pride in teaching this wonderful sport. Plus we have some great seminars. Don't miss this weekends annual seminar featuring Gary Borger and Mike Lawson. 2 full days of fly fishing expertise, we will all learn alot. Hope to see you soon.


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Welcome aboard Treecatcher.

You certainly don't need to tie flies to be a welcome member of this motly crew.

Lord knows I've sacrificed enough store bought feather concotions to the limbs of fly eating shrubbery.


One of the joys of joining us is that you get to meet folk with a wide variety of fishing interests.

We don't fit the old stereotype of pipe smoking, elitist, dry fly only to rising trout, gurus. (no offence eh Vince)

Many of us "stoop" to such things as using a nymph, casting to pike and dredging for walleye or carp.

Some have even been known to resort to cut plug herring for salmon (right Bill?).


If you can spare the time and $50, come on out this Saturday and Sunday to Grant MacEwan

main campus, room 6-212, 9am to 5pm, for our 2010 major seminar.

You'll not only get to meet this friendly bunch of reprobates,

but you will be able to get up close and personal with two of the sport's most kowledgeable people

in Mike Lawson and Gary Borger. If our past major seminar expereince is any judge

our informal atmosphere has us end up making long lasting friends of our guests.


Oh yeah.

Come out to a meeting soon and keep your eye on the forum and the weather.

You just might hear about an impromptu trip to someplace not far away where there will be fishing going on.


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Well, after reading about the group, is why I am looking forward to meeting some of the group. Was a hardware fisherman for years. Then about 10 years ago was introduced by my fishing buddy, who moved to Calgary, to fly fishing.

For years it was streams and rivers....last year..was introduced to pontoon boats. Love them! Bought one!

Now its time to get out and get back to helping the sport out where I can.

As my dad said,once, your never to old to learn. And at 50, I am still learning!

Just need to figure out where the meetings are held, and time wise....as to the weekend event. Prior commitments (motorcycle show) have me busy. But will be looking forward to the future events.

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If you go via the main web page to the newsletter link


and download the current newsletter (in pdf format)

There's a small map in the newsletter with our meeting location marked.

Page two also shows the month's program.

Hope to meet you in person soon.

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