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Any Edmoton Fly Shops?


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I know I've seen you out there. So you must have seen me.

Regardless, I suspect the comment about shopping close to home is right.

It's less than 10 min to the SS store for me, 20 to WEM.

The vast majority of time I find what I want at the SS store.

If they don't have it they do interstore transfer or order it.

I hit the north side only when I happen to be over there for other reasons

or, if I know the specific product I want is at the Fishing Center, I'll drop in while on the other side of the tracks.

I'll hit the WEM store when I'm out in the west end for other reasons.

If I'm in Calgary and at the south end of town, I'll stop by Fish Tales

but will also stop by the Calgary Fishin' Hole on the way back out of town.

I suspect many others do the same kind of thing.

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