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Boat For Fly Fishing


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Hi guys I'm looking at getting a boat and don't know what style to get. I was thinking on getting a small Jon boat or pram. Do any of you guys use theses style of boats or know of something better. Also where in Edmonton can a person go and look at Jon boats.

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Not sure who in town sells prams...have not seen any in a very long time. There are a few guys in our club that have and use a pram and with some good luck they will see your post and let you know.


Most of us use a pontoon boat or a float tube and a few use a small Zodiac type of boat.



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I don't know of of anyone in town that sells prams.

Boatcraft on 105 Street and about 68 ave will sell you plans and all the materials to build one.


Spring Creek Prams out of Tonasket, Washington sells 8' and 10' fibreglass and 8' wooden prams

A 10' is about $1800 US


Another option is the Frog Boat made by Onefrogtwo Company in Langley BC (about $1500)

The company owner has been at the Calgary show in the past.


I nearly bought one of those but opted for a Zodiak because it had a bit more freeboard

Zodiaks are sold be Riverside Honda in St Albert


A 10 footer like mine will set you back about $2500.

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