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What New Water Are You Plan To Fish Next Yr.


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Well with the new year is comming up, are there any new waters your planning on fishing for this year. I've got a couple that I am really hoping they come to pass.


I'm really going to try and fish the Berland this year. The other that is on the burner for this yr coming up is the Kakwa. I've wanted to fish that River since I moved to AB back in 77. Right now I've slated 2wks in Aug for there but that could change.


There will likily be a couple of Vince Creeks throwen in the mix too so one can use their 1wt.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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Another 3 week trip to BC's Interior and Cariboo at the end of May and hopefully I'll actually get out one One Island on a calm day!

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I would like to check out some lakes between Prince George and Prince Rupert.

Any suggestions/recommendations?

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I plan to beat the hell out of 40 this year.


Of course - the son-to-be will likely put a damper on that.


Damn babies. :wink:


Dead.. ant... dead ant... dead ant... dead ant.... deaaaad ant.... you mean more Bull Trout on the Dry Fly on the P*nther. Aye.. sign me up for that one again this year. ;^)


PS - If only you kept your fly dry though eh?


I'll bring the MBG Stew.



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