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Gary Borger And Mike Lawson Seminar

dave robinson

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Major Fly Fishing Seminar


Gary Borger and Mike Lawson

Date: Saturday & Sunday, Jan. 16th & 17th, 2010

Location: Grant McEwan University, Main Campus

Room: 6-212

Time: 9:00 am 5:00 pm each day

Cost: $50.00 for both days

Seating: 100 max. So get your tickets early

Tickets available at club meetings starting December 9th

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Yahoo... The tickets are in.


I'll drop some at each of the stores before the weekend.


Dig out your $50.00 and get a ticket for your Christmas stocking.




If you wait there may not be any left!!!



be well the water can't stay frozen for ever!!!


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Tickets are available at South and North Fishing holes. The fishing Center has some too. I'll try to get some to Wholesale and West End Fishing hole tomorrow



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ho ho ho


All the stores (wholesale, fishing hole and fishig center) have tickets.


Get yours soon there are limited seats


Merry Christmas all


Woolly :cheers:

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I tried to pick up a ticket at the Wholesale Sports North Edmonton and they would not sell me a ticket (including the manager) because they had no idea as to how the money was to be collected. The manager of the Fly Fishing department even said he didn't realize the tickets were at the store.


Will there still be tickets available at our next meeting to purchase?


Thank you. Tim

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Not only fired up myself, but stoking the fire of anybody I know who might be interested. :rangerbob:

Two nibbles at work yesterday.

I'm sending off a couple of e-mail with the details today.

Hey guys, I'm driving 6 hours from the SW corner of the province, to attend this seminar -- even picking up first born son from Calgree, and dragging him along. I can't believe there are FF types in Edmonton who aren't already signed up. :lol: Terry
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What a Great Seminar.

Those of you that didn't come, are missing one of the best ones.

Lotsa Info and Laughs, MAN DO I WANT TO GO FISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow should be equally as informative and Funny.


Thanks to all that put it together


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Thanks to all those who attended to learn a ton of information on our wonderful sport of Fly Fishing. A special Thanks to those who travelled from Medicine Hat, Crowsnest, Calgary, Red Deer and Rocky Mountain House. A great 2 days. If you ever have the opportunity to hear either Mike or Gary speak, DON'T MISS IT.


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First I have to thank both Gary and Mike for putting on one fantastic show. Talk about information overload. They were so convinceing that I heard rummors that Vince for sure this yr will try "a" nymph at least once. Now that has to be pretty good. Then I would like to thank the people that attended for their great response to Gary & Mike. I had the pleasure of Picking up and driving Gary & Mike about town, and they commented on numerous occassion how fantastic the audiance was. So again Thank you to all that showed up and enjoyed this great weekend.


Then of course a great thanks to all that help I'm not going to mention name as I'm sure I will forget somebody.


Guys another Job will done. Cann't wait until next yr.


I concurr with Dan To bad we cann't but what we learnt into use today. I WANT TO GO FISHING REAL BAD NOW!!!!!!!!!


Dennis S

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