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A 4 wt is a nice all round rod for small stream fishing especially small to medium spring creeks.

Being a 7 piece, it can easily be packed in a suitcase.

So where do you find small to medium spring creeks requiring tavel with a suitcase?

Montana and the Catskills come to mind,

but my recommendation is New Zealand around Tirau.

And of course Fern would love to go to the land of the Silver Fern.

And being somewhat hobbit like yourself, sans hairy feet, you would fit right in at Hobbitown.

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Ok my flytying skills are far above my gear knowledge and skills.

What would be the "best" backing for my new reels? (twoweight 5s and a wieght 4)




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Okay people...Now I've got a wieght 4 7 piece...where should I use it?






Sweet rod! I have a 2 piece Sage 4WT that I love, hence the Login Name. Might I suggest Swan Lake this Spring? Strip a Leech and HANG ON! Those Giant BOW's will make short work of a 4WT if you show up without your A-game! See me pictured here with a sweet 24" tipping the scale at 6lb 4oz...caught on the above mentioned 4WT...he grabbed hold just as I was about to take the fly out of the water and ran me into my backing twice.


Have fun with that new stick.




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