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Muir Lake work party Saturday June 5

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On Saturday June 5 we need volunteers to help put in the casting platform in at Muir Lake. Work will start at 8 am.


Volunteers should bring chest waders. Tools that are needed are cordless drills, socket and rachet sets, or adjustible wrenches or crescent wrenches.


Lunch will be provided.


For more information contact Joe Sykes, 470-0554 or jssykes@connect.ab.ca


Thanks for your help.

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Was out at Muir on Sunday. The platform needs some help (badly) :o . I was one of those who helped put it up and I know first hand how difficult it was. I left at noon on the Saturday (after pulling an all nighter after work) and never saw the finished product. It is still not finished and not in the best of shape. Are we scheduling another work party soon to complete this project and will someone be there that has put these platforms together before? I know we all kind of just made it up as we went along, not knowing the what if's, especially when dealing with that type of lake bottom. Maybe something we can bring up tonight at the TU meeting tonight Michael.

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RB, it's the directors meeting tonight. My first of many to come as I just joined the board at the last open meeting. One of the few organizations that I actually have time to attend (Mondays) :) .

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At the TU directors meeting on Monday, I brought up the casting platform needing to be completed and I think what we really need is is an engineer that can help with how this platform should be supported (not as easy as you would think with that type of lake bottom :blink: ). Do we know any engineers that can help us in this area? It would be nice if he/she could go out and take a look at it then we could purchase the material needed and he/she could oversee the finished product. If anyone knows of an engineer that would be willing to give a couple of days of their time for a good cause could you please have him contact Michael Dell or at least get his number so that we can contact him?

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Dave, that would be great. I know to you (engineer type) folks, this isn't rocket science but to us laymen :blink: it can get a little complicated.

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From my understanding, Tim D is setting up a work crew for for July 5th for anyone that wants to help out. After the work though, don't forget we have Flies 'N' Beer :cheers: at 7pm.


There's been a change in plans. This message was sent to me from Tim today.


Looking for volunteers Tuesday June 29 at Muir Lake. We will be putting in the last 3 sections of the casting platform and perhaps leveling it off. The work crew will start at 5 pm and should be done before 9. If you can make it, please bring waders, a cordless drill, and ¾ “ wrenches. If you don’t have any of these, please feel free to come any way – we will find something for you. If you can bring a boat, please send me an email so I can coordinate – we need a couple of boats – but we don’t need 6 or 7.


Tim D

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Thanks Doc.

I was going to post Tim's update myself, but you beat me to it. ;)


Just to reiterate, the casting platform work party :happybd: is set for


Tuesday June 29th stasrting at 5 pm. :flex:


I still haven't gotten out there with my structural friend,

but he's still prepared to offer advice on a more permanent solution

to the sinking or settling problem :boat:

I'll be tied up next Tuesday myself so won't be there, :(

but perhaps you or someone else it the work party

could take some digital photos of the platform, its supports

and how it is being installed, so I can pass them on to him.


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