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Bull Trout And Sturgeon


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It's definitely legal to target both species, but morality is debatable. With sturgeon, the only effective means of studying them, monitoring growth rates and populations, is fishing. That being said, in order to participate in this study, you have to pass a course, and get a special licence. Guys wait for years to get in on this. Maybe I'm a pessimist, but I don't have much faith in the average bait-chucker's fish-handling ability, so I lean towards immoral.


However, if the powers that be are not going to prevent or even prosecute the wholesale slaughter of entire spawning runs of bull trout, how is it fair to say that the incidental mortality due to catch-and-release sportfishing is not okay? I find myself a little on the fence with this one.



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Like Scratch, I'm standing on shore looking at the water. As I've said to Brian a thousand times...define targeting. If I'm fishing a stream with brookies, cutts and bulls and not catching on top and decide to fish streamers and catch a bull am I targeting bulls or just fishing deep.


Hard subject to get a handle on but I do think that to carry on this conversation may lead us to a road that none of us want to travel on.



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If its legal then its OK.


Morals differ from person to person. Some people think all sportfishing is immoral.


I think that most of us in this forum care enough about the resource to treat the sensitive species with the upmost caution. Some so far as to not fish for them. Each to thier own as long as its lawful and not damaging to the fishery.


I don't think Fly Fishing is damaging to the fishery in either case.


my 2 cents :whootwhoo:

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