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Tu Membership Cards


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Just received today the new Trout Unlimited Membership Card. For all current NLFT&F members who

are on the club list your will recieve in the next day or two a welcome letter from Trout Unlimited, your new membership card and a TU decal. You will also be receiving a subscription to the Canadian Fly Fisher. This membership is good until January 1, 2011.


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...well, it would seem that the mystery has been solved...there is no record of me being a member...thanks to Brian D for bringing this to my attention...he is going to make the corrections and get the information out to me...and Brian, for your records, a picture of my membership card...just so you know...


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Paul as discussed I will talk to TU today or tomorrow and get this cleared up.


If there is anyone else that has not received their package from TU other than, Rick LeBlanc , please call me or see me at the club on Wednesday night and I will get this cleared up. Thanks


Brian D.

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Hey guys,


I've still not received my TU card as well. Is there any chance I suffer the same fate Paul did? I signed up durring the trade show at the NLFT booth.


I also wasn't aware that there were any meetings for this Wendesday. It's the first time this year I got a Wednesday free and was thinking of comming out. What is the format for tomorrows meeting?


Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Free tye is correct.

i was going to do a beginner session (involving a griffiths gnatt)

but another commitment has intervened and I wont be able to make the meeting.

For sure I'll do it the next available opportunity.

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