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Ready To Be "ballast"

dave robinson

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I had my cataract surgery today. Everything went well. The bandages are off and my vision is improving.

It will be a day or so before I'll be see how much correction in vision has been made, but so far distance looks close to 20/20.

Full healing takes about 1 month, during which time I've been instructed not to lift weights or do vigorous exercise.

That puts manhandling chiquita and Zoie and heavy hiking out of the picture till almost September.

So now if I want to go fishing, I'll have to be a passenger.

Anybody need ballast?

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Dave, glad to hear the eye surgery went well... soon you'll be able to look into a telescope again without using averted vision. Apollo / Wing night last week was pretty cool.. I likey your new camera. :)


Yah, holidays for me next week... of which my leg surgery is scheduled for Aug 11th. Man, this year shore bites in the fishing dept.


Let me know when it's hunting season.. sigh.

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