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The "Firehole"

Tys Flies

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Ive now read a few posts about the "firehole." I don't expect you guys to tell me where it is unless you want to. I was just wondering what to look for when fishing the river. Its a pretty daunting force, for someone whose used to high rocky mountain streams. Ive fished the river once near devon, with no luck. And one day my dad and I went to the science park to see where you guys fished and could not decipher nething there either. Any tips, or tricks, such as location and what to use would be helpful. One of my first fishes that I ever got was a goldeye and I would like to get back into them.

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I'm not that effecitve in the river yet myself, but have manged to hook a few.

I think location has a bit to do with water conditions.

When the river was low, we were looking for holes after a bit of a riffle.

Last fall. we were catching them out in the main current, on large seams

probably created by gravel bars.

Two years ago we were catching a few in deep holes d

ownstream of bridge pillars and storm outfalls.

I'd suggest you look for some rising fish,

but given the recent rain and the rise and color of the river,

your guess would be as good as mine.

We will be giving the river a go as a group sevreal times during summer.

Come on out and join the crew.

Check the newsletter, which should be posted on teh main web page soon.

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The 'firehole' is a small backeddy section on the NSR across from rundle park.


What I've seen in the river is this - If the water is moving as fast as the middle - the fish in it will be transient. If there is a backeddy, or a 'hole' where there is slow / stopped water, alongside the main current, it will probably be holding a few fish.


If you want to find a few productive holes - by all means - try to tag along on the river trips with the club - because you will certainly see a few fish... catching them - well... that's all in your court!



Cheers dude!

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