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Bamboo Rod Winner


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Hey Boys & Girls


The draw for the bamboo rod was held tonight and our congradualtions go to Bill Gouge. Way to go Bill....within the next 3 years one of the executive members will be in touch with you to arrange for pickup.



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Way to go BILL , Like you need just one more rod!!!!!!. Sorry to have missed the anchovi PIZZA's, I was on my way back from Ft McMurray, I can only amagine Vincenzo keeping it all to himself..... :fish_jump: I will try to post some fishy pictures Scratch but this Vista pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wonderful I do always need one more rod, after all once I retire I will need rods for all situations.


Will be back to Edmonton on Monday and hope to fish Muir on Wednesday, with any luck in a new boat with the new Minn Kota.


Sorry I missed the wind up evening, Calgary was not nearly as much fun, not to mention the lack of anchovies!!!!


See you all on the water.



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One more arrow to the bow eh Bill.

However, if you wait until you can retire, you may not be able to see the target.


Just back from a fishing-less trip to Denmark, Switzerland and Vienna. Much poorer in the pocketbook, but much richer from the cultural experience. Vienna is one of those places you must see before you kick the bucket. Beautiful city, great nightlife and friendly people. The main art museum is the best one I've ever been in. And that includes the National Gallery in London, the Uffzi in Florence and the Reiksmuseum in Amsterdam. Not only great works of art from Egytpian, through Greek, the middle ages, dutch masters etc., but a gorgeous building housing them. The trip highlight was hearing Mozart's requiem in a church much like he wrote it for. Fabulous!! :vdaylove:


That said, I do need a wind down from too many people. Muir Wednesday sounds great. If the new boat isn't in, we can use my zodiak. Or if you want to go it alone, then I'm looking for ballast.



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