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Opening Day


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Dennis, Ontario Ron and I venture West to Edson to wet lines on opening day. Vince was to come as well however at 3:30 am was notified he was a Grampapa again. So without Vince we headed off to try the Sundance and Embarras for Grayling. Ontario Ron landed his first ever Grayling :fish_jump: along with a few more including the largest of the day a 12-13" beauty. We released just over 20 for the day. Water was clear but a warm 65 degrees. Pmd's, midges, some green drakes and a few stoneflies were hatching.

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That's great, guys. I was at Sundance yesterday too. Sounds like you did a little better than me, though. I only managed 19 fish to hand: 11 grayling, 5 rockies, my first two athabows, and a 12" brookie(biggest fish of the day). I had about that many spit the hook, and that many again raised but not hooked. The missed fish were my fault, I saw large bugs and put on large flies; poor little six-inchers couldn't get the darn thing in their mouth, hard as they tried. If each of you guys got twenty fish, you did well.


People keep asking me if the water was up, and since it was a little colored, I think so, but since this was my first time fishing sundance I have no comparison.


By the way, Vince would have approved.


So there.



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