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Friday Muir


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Well, I went fishin out at Muir last night.


Unfortunately, like my last girlfriend. She didn't put out. j/k


Had a couple bites. But didn't catch anything. Not really surprising given by stillwater talents. (Or lack thereof)


They were jumpin all over the place though. Teasing me. (Again like my last girlfriend :)


Anyways, it was still fun to actually get out and get fishing.



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Fished Muir for the first time this year and it seems to be fishing well if you don't mind getting a lot of stockers. I fished for four hours (Friday morning) and brought 25 fish to the boat. My first two were my biggest at around 20 and 18 inches. The Leach caught most of them and the bloodworm the rest.


I used oars on my Frog Boat for the first time and the boat seems to row well. I arrived at Muir the evening before to find out once I got on the lake my battery for my electric motor was dead and I did not have oars with me only a small emergency paddle. Needless to say I ended up going back home having not fished what seemed to be a beautiful evening :cry: .

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Thats too b a d Tim . I was thinking of fishen Muir tonight , but I'm on call so that sucks the big one tooooo!!!!!! How's the rest of the spring been ? Ive been workin , corp challenge, working and some fishen north of here, can't wait to get out to Muir and catch some HOGS.......Then theres the Red Deer!!!!!!!!


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