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Muir Lake Saturday


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Hey, all,

Went to Muir yesterday, and started my day by having to tell this guy and his kids that there is a bait ban on there, do people just not know how to read signs? Then spent several hours not getting much of anything, trying different flies, sinking and floating lines, generally just getting somewhat discouraged, except for the fun of being on the lake and not working.

Then this fellow comes by and says he's been having a lot of fun with the little ones with a backswimmer, so I decided, what the hey, catching is more fun than just sitting, and tied one on....Wow!

Not little ones, all size ranges were hitting that, 20 inches on down, that went on for about an hour and a half, lots of fun. It slowed down on the swimmer so I switched to a leech on sinking, and decided to troll my way back to the launch, to leave, and got nailed by a four pound 22 incher. Took just about fifteen minutes to land, because every time he got close to the net, he peeled off again.

Anyway, decided to cook that one and when I cut open the stomach, it was full of snails, lots of them.

So I decide to try to find a good snail pattern, and there is one on Fly Anglers, Online, using Rainy's Float Foam. Tyed up a couple, kind of challenging as had no Super glue on hand, but there are ways around almost anything. Going to try them out this afternoon.

Here's the link if anyone is interested:


Tight lines, all.



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Amazing the things that turn up when you finally get to harvest one of those monsters no? ;)


Good on ya! Sounds like you ended up having a ripper of a day!

Had a great day, Scratch. Never did get a chance to try the new snails, as the wind was way too strong, and I left my anchor in the car, now I'm down in Brooks, working. Maybe when I get back, I'll try that escargot.

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I recall one of the lakes at Pierre Grays being tricky getting the brookies - and it turned out that they were full of snails too.


Have to try tying a couple up !

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