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Online Licensing


On this secure website you can:


* apply for a WIN, renew your WIN, replace your WIN card.

* buy Alberta Sportfishing licence(s).

* buy a Wildlife Certificate, bird licence and a bowhunting permit.

* buy hunting licences with tags valid for general and special (authorized through draw, landowner and undersubscribed) seasons, see Licences Available on AlbertaRELM for a complete list.


To buy a general or special licence with a tag(s) using this site, you must have a prenumbered 10 digit Government of Alberta tag & wire before you begin your online purchase. Tags are available at Fish & Wildlife district offices.


Licences for hunting with an Outfitter Guide are not available online and can be purchased through a Licence Issuer.



You can use this website to:


* view your draw applications, draw results, draw priorities and licence history for the last five seasons.

* get your test results for your head submissions for Chronic Wasting Disease.

* reprint your lost or destroyed licences purchased online.



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It's a great website, but it's not new. It was up and running last year. It's handy for printing off multiple copies of your fishing license -- one for every shirt and pair of pants. That way, you'll never be without one. :lol:


For those of you who venture into BC to fish, you can also buy your BC license online at http://www.fishing.gov.bc.ca/ Terry

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Just discovered the other day, that Albertarelm has changed their software from last year. Last year you could buy your licence either on-line or from a dealer, and then, if you wanted, you could print off extra copies at Albertarelm. This year, you can only do the reprint thing if you bought your licence online. If you bought your licence at a vendor, you have to get reprints from a vendor -- for which there is a charge ($2 if I remember correctly). Is this dumb or what? They go to the trouble of making a change, the sole purpose of which appears to be to reduce service. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Terry

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Wonder what that's all about.

You don't suppose the two databases (store and online) don't talk do you?

or maybe the stores or IBM jsut want to get their $2 cut.

Why don't you ask a question on the SRD website such as

"Why can you reprint your licence if it was bought on line, but no longer reprint it on line if it was bought at an outlet? You could do it last year. What has changed? Aren't they the same database?"

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Dave, I'm sure there is only one database.


Regardless of where you buy your licence, you'll see it listed under "my info/licences." However, if you go to the "my info/reprint licence" page, you won't see your fishing licence listed, unless you bought it online.


I called the RELM Help Desk, when I encountered the problem, and the guy told me about the change from last year, but didn't have any reason why it was done. I suggested it was a dumb move and asked who I should complain to. The answer was to send an email to drawhunt@ca.ibm.com, which I did. Terry


PS the stores don't get a very big cut from the $2 charge for reprints, so this nonsense is hardly to their advantage. It takes a store employee five to ten minutes to do a reprint, longer if the guy doesn't have his WIN card.

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