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I'm new to Edmonton from a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia called Marietta.


There is a very good fly fishing community in Atlanta and invite all of you to check out my hometown fly fishing forum hosted by Noth Georgia Trout Online.




I noticed some similarities between these sites but other than going on Atlanta Fly Fishing Club trips there isn't much posted about fly fishing in the REAL North.


Most of the guys I have talked to around work here are lake fisherman.


What I hope to find are some fly fisherman who would like to make day or weekend trips.


Since I have a company car (Ford Escape) I can offer free transportation and an occasional good joke in trade for some guidance on where to go and what to use.


When I drink beer, I prefer Canadian. :cheers:

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Wecome Mike,

Our Spring fishing is very close to starting. The only problem with the streams is they will soon be in spring runoff. There is River fishing South, Calgary with the Bow, and the Crowsnest in the Pass, but with the fresh snow they will probably be starting to rise very soon, and dirty up. We have a few Pothole lakes opening up soon also, which is our only choice until the rivers calmdown, but that may not be until late June.

The Red Deer River is a tail water River and is opened the first of May, I believe.I would venture to guess that some club members will be heading down, ( Brown trout, White fish , Walleye , Goldeye , the odd pike are also caught.

We just had Dave and Emily Whitlock here for a seminar this weekend , very informative ,learned a bunch and had a great time.Come out to the club and neet the Crew.Lotsa knowledge there. We meet Wed nights 7 PM, address is on the front Page ....

I prefer PISCO :whootwhoo:

See ya there....

Tight lines Dan

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Welcome aboard Mike. Dan pretty much summed it up. Most of our flowing water doesn't thaw and become fishable for a few months, so stillwater is often our only shot.


Do try to visit the club some evening. Good bunch of people and I'm sure you'll make a few connections for day trips. :)



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Welcome to the forums Mike,

There are some stillwater opportunities are out there right now to satisfy that line-wetting urge...


You should definitely try and make it out to an NLFT meeting!


Beer good! :cheers:

Micro-brewery beer is even better! :cheers: :cheers:

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First Mike nice to have you aboard. Like the other guys said come out to one of our Wed meetings meet the guy and join up. This is the pleace to strike up some fishing buddies.


just to clairify the Red Deer doesn't open until the may long weekend not the 1st of May. Sorry Dan.


Hope to see you out to the club


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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Welcome aboard Mike:

So far the guys have given you the skinny.

Best bet for flowing water between now and the end of May is the Bow River downstream of Calgary. It's only a 2 1/2 hour drive and you can walk the banks from a couple of access points

or you can float it with a guide (Which I'm doing with Barry White on the 8th). The last 2 weeks of May can be iffy should the Highwood start to carry runoff. Then its end of June before it gets real good again. Nearby streams for grayling etc are somewhat similar. There are a few that may be clear of ice in a week or three, but right after that we get spring runoff until the end of June.

One exception is the North Saskatchewan River. In town you should keep your eyes on it. Pretty soon the icebergs will go away and there is a one to two week window of low flow before runoff hits. If its fishable, then the Goldeye will be back and you can have a bit of fun right in town. Careful wading though.

As for immediate fishing, Beaumont and Cardiff ponds are probably the best bet for a week or two, then Star and Muir Lake should start to produce with Dolberg gettting going by mid May.

By all means drop in at a meeting and introduce yourself. You'll find lots of "sole" mates and the odd good sense of humour.

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Greeting's Mike and Welcome to the board.Got A days fishing on the Athabasca yesterday just outside Fox Creek. What a great day to be Green Side Up.I'm in Whitecourt and welcome you to fish up here anytime. :captin:

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