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Vos is this? No buddy has mentioned the shop near Calgary opened today? Or, are you sick of all the spam you got in your inbox already from TUC and CF? :)


Yah, m-kay, so for the record, it's open! Nice to see the conservation effort on opening day.. I suspect it won't end there though. Hopefully a good thing, but

remember to continue to "Support Your Local Fly Shop!" too eh? Lest they start to drop like flies!




P.S. - Has someone informed their head office yet that we have no BASS here in Alberta. Or will it soon be on the bucket brigade stocking lists? Perch are like "mini-bass" right. :)

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Can someone say ROAD TRIP!! just to see that it is actually opened !!


Just spoke to a couple guys on their way down there leaving shortly ..



Me and Greg had actually booked off today about 6 months ago to drive down South to check it out. However, we decided ti drive out to Saskatchewan instead to go "Meteorite Hunting".




Yah, next time we hit the Bow... will likely stop by and take a look at the uber cool fishy tank. I liked the one out in Ontario indeed... hope this one has BASS in it too.

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