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New fishermen on line


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Hi guys I'm from Edmonton being flyfishing for about 6 years and love it mostly potholes west of here and threw out the year I like to hit places like Jasper,Crowsnest,RMH,K-country.Would like to learn alot more about the sport which none of my friends like fishing. Next is tying my own flys which I started but is having a hard time right now some day would like to join your guys club and also meet people to go on day trips hopefully on rivers which Im staring to relize that,s were my love for the sport is at. I practice C&R which I respect the waters and at the same time for my 3 sons ages 1,4,5 to have somthing waiting for them 15 ,20 years down the road. Happy fishing and keep that line tight.

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Well Wooly you have come to the right Club we love to have you and teach you as much as we can. As for Joining come on out to our Wed meetings. We still have seveal to go last one is Wed June 17. Come out interduce yourself and get aquanted. As for learning there will be many member that will show the the the ropes We have a intermediate fly casting seminar coming up June 5 for members only. As you can see from our post we also like to have other people come along on our fishing outings. That was part of the purpose of the page to post when one was going fishing so we could have company. Hope to see you in the near future.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S


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