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Happy Birthday Dave R.

Terry H

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Again? It only seems like yesterday I was at the "six-ooooo-my god I am old" one. =)


Cheers buddy! Yah, we gotta have a "wing night" soon. Been too long. I enjoyed watching STS-119 (100th Space Shuttle Mission) liftoff this evening though.


Only 9 more until they retire her.. the next one is the HST (Hubble Space Telescope) repair mission. I think I smell a party.. and HDNET for the launch.


Posted Image


P.S. - Spelling must go out the window after a certain age eh?



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Who is that masked man?

The only silver he leaves behind is hair!


Thanks for the happy BD wishes from a genuine old f@rt.


I got some interesting presents.

One was a well received book on small telescope observing.

Now if only it warms up and clears up a bit..

Another was a new 6 wt Rio gold fly line. To go with my newly acquired 6 wt rod.

My daughter gave me a present I'm not sure how to take. It's a small brown book which I think is entitled "The encyclopedia of poo". I don't know if she's telling me I'm full of it or simply commenting all the sh!t I've given her over the years. (teenagers eh?)




PS to RB:

Wing night sounds like a fine ider.

Maybe we can have one when the Oil are officially booted from playoff contention.


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The actual book title is:

"What's Your Poo Telling You"

The authors are two MD's, Josh Richman and Anish Sheth

Chapters have titles like:

Deja Poo, Floaters vs Sinkers, Ring of Fire, Hanging Chad and Number Three.

Each chapter describes the appearance of different kinds of poo with an explanation of what causes it.

So if you ever wanted to know what causes "Pebble Poo" then this is the book for you.


So as the doctor said to the guy complaining of constipation. "No sh!t eh!"

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