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Bow River Report

dave robinson

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John Bertrand and I spent Monday on the Bow with Barry White.

Water was low and reasonably clear and warm

Fishing was a bit slow with us chucking WBs most of the day.

I switched to an indiator and #10 golden stone for a while.

Caught and landed 2 and lost one.

First one was a nice acrobatic brown about 18"

Second landed one was the one pictured here.

The lost one was a decent sized rainbow.

Not too bad for a fine day in the warm sun.

Barry says he may extend his spring special till June,

so if you want a good trip with a fine guide at a bargain price....

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How much did you pay to catch two fish? :blink::rolleyes:


I can take you down to a few honeyholes on the Bow where you won't even have to get your feet wet to do that. :ph34r:


Still, so :alien: with envy you got to fish with Barry. I can't wait to take my first float down the Bow... in my pontoon boat.



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It's not about $$

It's about a day with Barry on the Bow.

Cheapest is to get his spring special.

I think about $300 to $350 for two for the day.

Barry provides the lunch and non-alcoholic beverages.

Plus transfers to and from the river

probably from the Country Pleasures Shop.


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