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Mclennan - Rowley Seminar


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Thank You to Jim McLennan and Phil Rowley for another day of fly fishing expertise. Both of these gentlemen were more than adequate in the information they presented once again. Comments from attendees were -"I learned a lot", " lots of information about fly fishing in Alberta"and "THE BEST AND MOST INFORMATIVE SEMINAR YET."

Northern Lights Fly Tyers & Fishers as well as The Edmonton Chapter of Edmonton once again did a stellar performance in providing a very informative and educational Fly Fishing Seminar.

A Special Thank You to the following volunteers for their efforts: Bob G, Dave T,Brian J, Carl, Michael, Emerson, Vince, Dennis, Bill G and the rest of the executive. Without their support the event would not have been so successful.


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Kudos to Brian Bleakley and everyone else for putting this together at the last minute due to unforseen

circumstances. Great job as always. The club continues to benefit from those who step up to

the plate and give of their time and effort unselfishly, and put together a program they feel

everyone can benefit from.


As for the seminar - it was greatly informative, and was super to have the information from

local area, passionate fishermen. It goes to show what great talent, and knowledge we have

available to us right on our doorstep. Phil and Jim did an awesome job, and it was great to

hear all the information they provided which pertained to our local waters, or waters within

our reach. Thank you gentlemen for stepping in and helping out with such short notice, and

taking the time away from your families to share your knowlege. Look forward to seeing

you again!! Yup - next week in Calgary.




Pauline & Frank

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Boys and Girls


What a great weekend. Learned a whole bunch of new stuff and re-confirmed a bunch of stuff that I knew I should be doing but have not. Great presentations on lakes, streams and rivers.


My thanks to Jim and Phil for stepping in under some rather tight circumstances...we appreciate it very much. Also, my thanks to Brian for stepping up to the plate (yet, once again) and turned a rather odd situation into a great and fun time. Scratch...well done...thanks for your work on the brochure...looked great and thanks to all of the people who worked hard on this seminar...a huge success.



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It was a great seminar guys. The fact that Phil and Jim live and fish here makes their lessons even more pertinent. Both of these guys are internationally recognized for their expertise, yet when I got to work today they told me some people had come into the store over the weekend that decided to go fishing instead. Now, I certainly don't begrudge them; the weather was sure nice enough to try a trip down to a certain tailwater or spring creek. However, I think even if the fishing was good, they missed out.


Thanks for a fun, educational, and memorable weekend.



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There's not much I can add other than a great show this weekend.


A real big thanks to both Jim and Phil great presentation as both Vince and Rick said I learnt lots on both lake & stream fishing and even casting.


Can not wait for the Apr Seminar with Dave & Emily


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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Let me add my congrats and thanks to all the NLFT/TUC executive/organizer folks for yet another great seminar. I also have to commend Jim and Phil for stepping in on such short notice and doing such a great job. I've read all their books and heard them both speak many times, so I thought perhaps I might have heard or read everything they have to say. However, not the case, either that or I had forgotten it all. Anyway, like Vince and others, I learned a ton, and went away very happy. It was fun too, seeing the old gang again.


BTW, I had a good look at the Crow on the way home, and there's lots of open water if anyone wants to clear the shack nasties and head south for a bit of fun :fishy: .



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