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January '09 Seminar Question And Answer


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Please use this area to ask any questions you might have regarding the 09 Seminar, changes to lineup, and the April 'make-up' date.


Members of the NLFT executive will do their best to answer your questions.

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What a day it must have been for those working to address this unplanned change.

Kudos to Brian et al who slaved to get the replacement event organized on such short notice.


I have been doing my part this evening in getting some revised tickets done.

We'll have two types on Saturday


1. For those who show up this weekend and attend the revised seminar (the best option)

$25 Rain Check Tickets for the event with Dave and Emily in April

Now this is a real bargain!

You'll get two more days of seminars with great presenters

for a mere additional $25 (total expenditure of $105 or $85 for those who prepurchased before Dec 31)


2. For those who want to skip this weekend but still go in April (not the best option if you ask me)

April Event Tickets you can exchange for your current ones

But you'd be missing a great time and lots of great raffle stuff this weekend


If you don't make it out this weekend, we can arrange a ticket exchange later on (details to follow)


I'll have enough of the latter tickets available for sale at the other shows for the $80 price tag

for new customers who have yet to buy tickets for Dave and Emily


I trust everyone understands that Dave and Emily not coming this weekend is beyond both their and our control.

I think we've come up with a great alternative given the short notice.

Were making very good omletts from broken eggs here.

Hope to see you all out Saturday.

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