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Seminar Updates: January 17-18 '09


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As noted in a previous topic - I'm sorry to say that due to circumstances beyond our control, Dave Whitlock will NOT be appearing in Edmonton for this seminar date. We have rescheduled the Whitlock Seminar for April 25,26 2009 and have secured the club meeting location for those dates. Further details will follow.


For the weekend at hand, January 17-18, 2009 we have secured two notable personalities to assist with the show.


Jim McLennan of Blue Ribbon Alberta Streams fame and Phil Rowley of Flycraft Angling and the New Flyfisher will pair up for two days of storytelling, fly tying and angling technique taught by masters.


While many of our seminar attendees were anxious to meet and learn from legend Dave Whitlock, we hope that this change in program will serve to provide some compensation until the Whitlocks are able to join us in April.


We have been put in an unfortunate position as a result of this schedule change. As we are still responsible for the booking of locations, we hope the following arrangement is agreeable to those who have already purchased tickets:


For those who have purchased tickets or will purchase at the door:

Seminar price $80.00 for Jim McLennan and Phil Rowley (2 days)

Tickets for Dave and Emily Whitlock 2 day seminar April 25-26 2009 only $25.00


For those who have purchase tickets but do NOT wish to attend Jan 17-18 McLennan / Rowley sesssions:

Refund is available.


Tickets will be valid for April 25-26 2009 Whitlock seminar at regular purchase price.


It is our sincerest hope that those planning to attend the seminar can attend this weekend as planned, despite the last minute change of guest. We are truly thankful to Jim and Phil - both for their support of the Northern Lights, but their willingness to support our guests for this weekend.


If you have ANY questions, please ask them in the seminar Question and Answer topic.

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My thanks to the executive for taking the bull by the horns and making some good happen out of an unfortunate situation. The corrective action was done quickly and correctly. My additional thanks go out to Jim and Phil for helping us out and I for one am looking forward to learning from these masters this weekend......see you all there.



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I was able to get in contact with all interested parties from the south. We will have 1 from Medicine Hat and 4 from Calgary. This indicates the value of program we will see. Don't miss this event. A huge THANK YOU to both Phil and Jim for their cooperation with virtually no lead time.

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Hear yee hear yee all who would read this.

A presidential citation to Brian Bleakly for a great deal of work and high blood preasure.

We all owe this special man something very special.


My presidential hat is off to you Brian. I personally owe you a great big one.


Dave M


ps the other club members involved in this last minute fix should be knighted for their efforts on our behalf. :cheers:

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A huge Thank You to those individuals from Coleman, Medicne Hat, Calgary and Whitecourt who inspite of the program change still travelled up to 6 hours to attend the Seminar featuring Jim McLennan and Phil Rowley. As well as all who attended from Edmonton and surrounding

Todays programs by both of these very professional fly fishing presenters was outstanding. Jim concentrated on flowing water and Phil on stillwaters. In view of the fact they had less than 24 hours to actually get prepared, the fact they are in the middle of finalizing their presentations for the Fly Fishing Expo in Calgary next week they both managed phenominal programs. The individuals I talked to were very impressed and learned a lot.

Their willingness to adjust their already busy personal schedules to come to our assistance with almost no notice shows the professionalism of these two gentlemen. For their outstanding support we thank them immensely.

We did manage a few cancellations, however all indicated they will attend Dave & Emily Whitlock in April. One gentleman indicated this will also give him time to get some buddies and will increase the attendance even further. You won't want to miss this event.



Melanie Fischer not only won the 50/50 but also won a beautiful Dave Whitlock signed Shadow Box

Rod Carlson won the daily raffle of the Outcast Trekker boat

Tim (sorry I forgot your last name) won the Winston 5wt Rod


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Thank you to everyone involved in organizing this fun, informative event. I learned so much this weekend and met many fantastic new people who I look forward to getting to know better in the future.


I will make sure my new rod acquisition will be put to good use :P .


Tim Reid

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