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Dave Whitlock - Urgent Notice!


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Members and Guests -


We have received unfortunate news from Dave Whitlock. Due to circumstances beyond the control of Dave, or the Northern Lights, he will not be able to arrive in Edmonton this weekend.


The Northern Lights Executive is operating to come up with a presentation for this weekend that will be of value to those guests who have made plans to attend from distances, however for those travelling with the specific intent of seeing Mr. Whitlock - we are simply unable to do so.


As for the standard NLFT / TU membership presentation Friday evening at the club - due to our guests absence the session has been cancelled.


We are working to establish a program for this weekend, and will communicate that as soon as is possible. We are currently in the process of making arrangements to have Dave and Emily up for a rescheduled seminar in the next 2-3 months.


Please be patient - we're doing our best to get something together and get word to you.


Dave Murray / Brian Bleackley / Webmaster

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We have confirmed that Jim McLennan will be appearing this weekend at the seminar, with afternoon components from Phil Rowley!


Schedule for the weekend to be announced Saturday.


We have confirmed a rescheduled weekend with Dave Whitlock on April 25th and 26th...

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