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The Edmonton Chapter of Trout Unlimited made a presentation to the Executive of NLFT&F at their meeting on Monday. That presentation was a proposal to integrate the chapter into Northern Lights. The executive approved the further discussion on this proposal to the membership. Barry Wright did a further presentation at the meeting last night. The membership voted unanimously to intergrate the Trout Unlimited Conservation Meeting once per month as part of the NLFT&F program. At this time it is an intregation, as both organizations will maintain their own Executive and Separate Financial Accounting. :fish_jump:

This opportunity will enable for Trout Unlimited Edmonton to still operate and provide a wider program and resource to their members. This will also allow NLFT&F the access to TU Biologists, Project Opportunities, Liability Insurance and continued Fundraising. :fish_jump:

This Integration is a WIN, WIN for both organizations, who have been so closely linked in the past. :fish_jump:

I personally welcome this opportunity, I don't forsee any negative results for NLFT&F. Whle their remains some membership issues to be resolved there will be NO disruption to NLFT&F in the way it operates, the programs it provides and the good fellowship. The quality of Northern Lights Fly Tyers and Fishers as a club is well known not only in Edmonton but in Alberta, Canada, and the United States. The success of NLFT&F is respectied with Fly Fishing Suppliers and Manufacturers as well.


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This is great news indeed!

We will have to solve the membership thing as TU Canada is a completely different organization,

but to have the TU meetings coincide with ours once per month is a terriffic idea.

Not only does is give TU topics and initiatives a wider audience and exposure, but it helps with NLFT&F programming. Plus saves some meeting expenses on the TU side.

I'm looking forward to the combined efforts.

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Indeed - if this allows Michael to continue his TU involvement (in whatever capacity) more easily, it's even better. His direction, dedication, and spirit have contributed greatly to TU's success in Edmonton. I think the addition will be great for NLFT and even moreso for TU.


We'll no doubt have issues to work out but the challenges are small compared to the benefits.

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