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January 7 Meeting


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Phil will present his favorite flies for 2008. One of them is a Balance Leech, which has a unique way to keep the fly in a horizontal position, you don't want to miss this one. Phil will also tie some other flies he uses including a Pike and Walley patterns.

A little humor will be provided with out takes from the New Fly Fisher TV Show.l :fish_jump:

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I really wanted to see Phil's presentation, but this is one of the few Wednesdays that conflicts with my Oiler Tickets. I may drop in on the way to the game as it's an 8 pm start. I need to drop my swap flies with Dennis, pay for a jungle cock neck, buy a ticket to the seminar and renew my membership.

Dang, spend more money and not get to see Phil? All I can say is I hope Vancouver doesn't wipe the ice with the Oil.


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Ahhhh, crap!!


I really wanted to go to that. Unfortunately, I ended up working until 7:30 or 8:00..... outside...... in the cold.


Oh, well. What ya gonna do.



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