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NLFT&F is the place to be. Although we don"t have a scheduled class booked until spring we can always assist you at most meetings to get you started or to make you a better tyer. You can expect to learn from some of the most skilled tyers around. As well as a member you have access to our vast library containg some 600 different books and 150 dvds relating to fly tying and fly fishing.

NLFT&F is a friendly and very helpful club, the biggest mistake you can make is not to ask a question or to ask for help. If the individual you ask if they don't happen to know the answer to your question will certainly direct you to someone who does.

This weeks meeting is our annual PIZZA night, as well we have a material swap. The club has a lot of materials that will be available at some extraordinary pricing.

Stop by and have a look.

ps: you won't be the only lady either. :fish_jump:

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By all means stop in at a meeting.

We're not hard to find.

Queen Mary Park Community League is on 117 Street just north of 107 avenue.

I'ts across the park from Rosarios Bar and there's local parking adjacent the building.

Wednesday evening from 7pm till whenever.

The coffee is always on (except it's Pizza and Root Beer this week).


If you want to learn, just introduce yourself and ask for me.

I ran the beginner sessions last year and can quickly get you started.

It's easier and cheaper than you might think.

And lots of fun too.


Hope to see you soon.

Dave Robinson

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